"a better life with you"

the furryfolks is a brand for animal companions.

We believe every furryfolks deserve to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life and should do so with the creative, functional, and playful products available.

With the finest materials, the most stylish designs, and the highest quality construction, our furry folks and pawrents can have comfortable products and love to have fun.

– that's what you can expect from the furryfolks.

Two hoomans and a super mutt

Our journey with the furryfolks began in the vibrant streets of New York, inspired by our adventure with Danny, our beloved rescue dog.

It led us to a pivotal question: why not create a pet brand that marries fun with practicality? With our design expertise honed at Parsons, we were ready to answer that call.

We aimed to blend playful uniqueness with practicality perfectly. Hand in hand, we set out on this journey in search of top-notch materials. Along the way, we discovered that the true essence of our brand lies not just in the products we create but in the joy and comfort they bring to pets and their owners alike.

Moving from New York's dynamic energy to Seattle's innovative atmosphere, our project has grown into a beloved brand among pet enthusiasts. This adventure underscores the power of combining creativity, dedication, and collaboration to turn dreams into reality.