Daily Poop Bag Holder

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Ultrasuede® vegan suede
Durable and breathable fabric with a soft hand feel
Brass hardware

Made in Portland, OR

Depending on the types of poop bags, you might need to pull stronger to get the first and the second bag.

Step 1. Using the clasp hook, hook the Daily Poop Bag Holder to the D-ring of the leash
Step 2. Snap off the back tab, loop the tab around to the leash, and snap back on to fasten the poop bag holder. No dangling!
Step 3. No need to detach the poop bag holder to replace the poop bags. Easy and convenient.

Hand wash
Do not machine wash
Do not tumble dry

OS: 1.5 in x 1.5 in x 4 in

All products are handmade, and sizes may vary slightly.